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Stellar Drive Clone creates copy of your Mac hard drive via advanced and highly reliable mechanisms and ensures that your data remains secure and protected. The software can easily clone Mac drive to another drive or clone a particular volume to another volume, folder, or network drive.


You can create an image of Mac drive or any specific volume of the drive and save this image at any desired location in the system. Additionally, the software enables you to create a bootable DVD and minimal system for booting Mac in case of a system crash. Moreover, the software is fully compatible to OS X Mavericks.








Need For Cloning Mac Drive


Mac Hard drive cloning is a process of replicating the contents of one hard drive to another hard drive for the purpose of backing up useful data while performing critical hard drive updates or a complete recovery of your Mac system.


You need to clone Mac drive for data safety:


Shift data
Shifting Data to a new hard drive


The software clone Mac hard drive by moving all data on your drive, including the operating system, all installed software applications, etc. to another hard drive without requiring you to reconfigure the drive, software, or the update patches.


system update
Upgrading System


When you are upgrading your Mac system or moving to a higher version of Mac, you require performing a full backup of your system. In such cases, you need to create a clone of the entire Mac drive to preserve all your valuable programs and other useful data. You can easily restore data in its original form using this clone of the drive at any later point of time.


Protection against malicious software


If your system is infected with a virus, you can easily get your system to its original working state by restoring all the vital data from a clean, master image created earlier.




Press Release

Press Release





Stellar Release Stellar Drive Clone v3.0


Stellar Drive Clone v3.0 has been released with new features and hard drive cloning options for all Mac users including PowerPC and Intel based Mac users. The software supports Mac OS X Mavericks.

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Press Release





Clone Mac drive – A rescue for data loss situation


Cloning Mac drive is a safe and easy method to create backup for Mac data and store it to an external drive. Mac Cloning software to clone, Image and restore your Mac drive.


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