Clone macOS Hard Drive and Upgrade to High Sierra

Are new and advanced features of High Sierra (new files system, smarter Safari, next-level metal, better organization) forcing you to upgrade to it? But, at the back of your mind, a strange fear of losing data is stopping you from stepping ahead!

Don’t worry! You are just one step away to relish this cutting-edge macOS upgrade. Just back up your Mac and upgrade to High Sierra! Nothing is ideal than a backup to get rid of all types of unforeseen actions that can lead to your precious data loss. Best point is you can do it in both ways; locally, through Time Machine or Clone.

Time Machine vs. Cloning

In a nutshell, both are a perfect fit to keep your data secure and handy in unfortunate events that can render Mac useless even temporarily. The factors that make them vary from one another are:

Cloning Time Machine
Creates a bootable copy Creates a bootable copy
Access everything on one Mac from another by connecting it to other Option to perform this operation is not available
Clone Mac hard drive volumes Cannot clone Mac hard drive volumes

 Considering the analysis, if you say clones are perfect to have around, it won’t be erroneous. The vital reason being, it lets you continue to work even in scenarios when it is out.

How to clone your macOS hard drive?

The process of cloning is straightforward with third-party clone software like Stellar Drive Clone. You just have to download, install, and register the software to avail its comprehensive benefits.

Getting Started

First Thing First: Prerequisite Checklist to Clone a Drive

    1. A formatted external hard drive with substantial storage
    2. A registered Stellar Drive CloneA Walkthrough to Clone your Mac
      • Prepare Drive for Clone
        • Establish a connection between Mac and external drive
        • Search Disk Utility using Spotlight and double-click on it
      • 1
          • Select your drive and click on Erase option from the top menu
      • 1
        • Assign it a name and  under format list, click on macOS Extended (Journaled)
        • Click Erase followed by Done


      Now you can easily clone your Mac.

      • Clone Mac using Stellar Drive Clone

      The process to clone your drive is as follows:

      1. Go to Spotlight

      2. Search for Stellar Drive Clone app followed by double-click to open it

      3. Click on Clone-Disk Clone

      4. Choose the desired option—Clone without resizing or Clone with resizing Source and       Destination

      5. Under Select Source panel, specify macOS Sierra Macintosh HD and under Select Destination panel, set macOS Sierra Macintosh HD

        1. 1

      6. Click Clone



    You have successfully cloned Mac Hard Drive.

    • Now, you can easily upgrade your Mac to High Sierra

    1. Go to Mac App Store followed by High Sierra

    2. Click the link followed by Download


    3. Wait for installer to launch

    4. Click Continue to install


    5. Click to Agree on Terms of Service

    6. Specify the drive on which you would like to install the High Sierra


    7. Click Restart

    8. A message to close all current running program pops up. Click Close other Applications


    9. On completion, you can login Mac as usual. Lastly, navigate to top-left corner, select Apple
    followed by About This Mac to validate High Sierra

    In Summation  

    The occurrence of new software is not new. The only tedious task is to update it without any hindrance and data loss issue. And, the best fit solution to this in this cutting-edge era is a clone. Reason being, this replica of your drive ensures data protection in all types of unforeseen actions.