Clone Your macOS Sierra 10.12 MacBook Pro Hard Disk Drive

Objective – This blog aims to share important information to clone MacBook Pro hard drive (running macOS Sierra 10.12.x) to an another external hard drive. 

Best Backup Strategy

  • Time Machine – Time Machine is free and quite simple to implement. It only requires an external hard drive that must be greater than or equal to the size of the data occupied on Macintosh HD. Connect your external hard drive to Mac and launch Time Machine from the top menu. Using the Time Machine application, you can assign the external hard drive for taking incremental backups of your Macintosh HD or SSD.
  • Clone macOS Sierra MacBook Pro – Unlike Time Machine, cloning macOS Sierra on MacBook Pro isn’t free to available. However, it does require another external hard disk drive to create an exact clone copy of the source drive i.e. Macintosh HD (or SSD). To start cloning a MacBook Pro (macOS Sierra 10.12) hard disk drive you require downloading the application.


  • Free Mac Download

    After having completed the registration formalities, the software will be ready to run its features and available options to the fullest.

Below are the necessary steps to clone macOS Sierra MacBook Pro hard drive:-

Step 1) Plug in the external hard drive and start the Stellar Drive Clone application

Step 2) Under Clone << select Disk Clone << choose resizing option as per your preference << select Source drive << select Destination media and click Continue



Step 3) From here on, the clone application will begin cloning the mounted partitions such as Macintosh HD, Recovery HD, etc. Note: is having- If your Mac has BootCamp partition, then during hard drive cloning the software will clone your NTFS Windows partition to EXFAT file system.

Step 4) Finally, Disk cloning on MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra 10.12 (or BootCamp partition) is completed successfully.



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