Mac Cloning Software over Time Machine

The ‘Time Machine’ is an inbuilt backup utility introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions of OS X. This backup utility of Mac is designed in a way that it works easily with Time Capsule and any internal or external hard drive. To take the backup of your data with Time Machine, all you need to do is to connect the drive on which, you want to take the backup, and then ask the Time Machine to use this drive as destination drive for storing your data.

After this your Time Machine starts backing up your entire data automatically. In this way, with the help of Time Machine you can take your Mac’s hourly backup, daily backup, and weekly backup. With creating the backup of your entire data, the Time Machine allows you to go back in the recent past of your Mac, and see how your machine looked like at that time.

Disadvantages of Time Machine: Despite these features, your very own Time Machine has some flaws, which can be listed as:

  • For any reason, if you want to change any previously set backup schedule with Time Machine, then you cannot do that. That means you cannot change any pre-set Time Machine backup schedule.
  • Sometimes, you may encounter various errors or warning messages while creating backup with Time Machine, however these warning and errors are not clear. And thus it becomes difficult to resolve them.
  • The first backup process that is being performed with your Time Machine can be very time taking.
  • Larger the destination drive the more effective is your backup process. Therefore, the Time Machine backup needs big destination drives for efficient backups.

In this way, if you fall under any aforementioned flaws, then you may find it difficult to create backup with Time Machine. In such situations use of a non-Apple Mac cloning utility comes into existence. An efficient non-Apple utility for backing up your Mac data creates the exact replica or mirror image of your Mac hard drive and logical volumes. The clone created by any of the reliable Mac cloning tool is ready to use copy of your Mac and works as a boon in various cases of hard drive corruption or data loss. Most of the tools of this category have simple intuitive user interface and enable you to resize the volumes of the destination drive, if the destination drive contains extra space.

In this way reliable Mac cloning software overcomes almost all the flaws of Time Machine and comes across as the best method to backup your data.