Clone Mac OS X

Clone Mac OS X Hard Drive to keep data loss away

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with a failed hard drive and rushing to data recovery service providers for recovering important data from physically damaged drives. Even as the success of the data recovery operation depends on the magnitude of damage to the drive and many other aspects, there is no surety that the service provider can bring back all your lost data.

Cloned Mac drive keeps your important work going

If you have a clone copy of your Mac hard drive, you need not have to worry over data loss as you can restore your data at anytime. Moreover, you do not have to keep waiting for your hard drive to be ready and can continue on-going important works from the cloned hard drive itself. There are a number of benefits in keeping a clone copy of the Mac hard drive, which can be listed as below:

  • Almost No Downtime: When down time is extremely critical, cloned hard drive literally takes only minutes to get you back to work. As the cloned drive is a bootable copy of your original Mac hard drive, you can simply swap the clone for the failed drive, and you are up & running.
  • Easy Data Access: In case of any logical data loss, like deletion or formatting, the lost file can be easily copied from the cloned drive.
  • No Expenses for Data Recovery: Data recovery, especially from physically damaged hard drives costs a significant amount of money. By keeping a clone copy of your Mac drive, you can avoid such unwanted expenses to data loss or inaccessibility.

Stellar Drive Clone can even clone your running Mac OS X hard drive

Stellar Drive Clone is a Mac disk cloning utility that can help you create clone of your hard drive, volumes or any selected region of the disk. The best feature of this cloning utility is that it is the only software to clone your running Mac drive, without any problem. You can simply select any Mac supported hard drive, including the one from which your machine has boot and create a clone of it.

Disk Utility Vs Stellar Drive Clone

Disk Utility does not have any high-lighted option for cloning. With the ‘Restore’ option in Disk Utility, you can create a non-booting backup of your hard drive, which is only a disk image. BY using this disk image, you can restore your lost data, whereas Stellar Drive Clone creates a bootable clone of your Mac hard drive, which can work as a replacement of your original hard drive.

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