Clone Network Drive

Need of Connecting two Macs

There are many occasions, when you require sharing files with another Mac machine. This is indeed the most common reason for connecting your Mac desktop or notebook computer to another Mac. In the same context, there are few other similar needs, such as saving copies of important data on another machine or cloning your source drive to the network attached Mac hard drive.

If you want to connect your Mac to another Mac machine, you can do so through three different mediums – Ethernet connection, Wireless connection and FireWire connection.

How to Connect through Ethernet:

  • First of all, insert the Ethernet cable in between the Ethernet ports of the two Mac machines.
  • Go to System Preferences and turn on ‘File Sharing’.
  • From one of the Macs click Go > ‘Connect To Server’ and then click the Browse button.
  • Select the other Mac, you want to connect and enter your password, if asked.

Note: If you have configured the TCP/IP settings manually, you may need to provide the computer’s TCP/IP address in the Connect To Server dialog. If you have configured the TCP/IP settings manually, you may need to provide the computer’s TCP/IP address in the Connect To Server dialog.

How to Connect Wirelessly:

  • From each of the Mac machines, go to ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Sharing’.
  • Check-mark the ‘File Sharing’ option.
  • On any file browsing window you can see the other Mac listed. Click it to access data from it.

Note: The two Mac machines must be connected to the same wireless access point or router.

How to Connect through Fire Wire:

Here, you can connect the hard drive of one Mac as an external hard drive to another through Fire Wire cable. Here, you need to keep one Mac machine turned on and the other turned off.

  • Connect the Fire Wire cable in between the Macs.
  • Turn on one Mac machine while pressing down the key,’t’ from the keyboard. Now, you can access the hard drive of the other Mac.

Apart from file sharing, such connection of two Mac machines can be helpful in saving the clone copy of one Mac drive onto the hard drive of another Mac. Stellar Drive Clone is the Mac cloning utility that facilitates cloning of your Mac volume to any network attached Mac drive. You can connect two Mac machines through any of the above discussed methods and then perform the cloning operation using Stellar Drive Clone software. Below steps will guide you through:

Steps to Clone Mac Volume to Network-attached Drive using Stellar Drive Clone:

  • Run Stellar Drive Clone software and click the ‘Clone’ button under the ‘Cloning & Imaging’ tab.
  • From the cloning window select the option, ‘Volume Clone’ and then click ‘Clone to Network’.
  • From ‘Select list’, choose the source drive. The Source Select Destination list displays all network-attached drives. Select the right one and disconnect all others. Click ‘Continue’ to begin the cloning operation.


  • Ensure that all files, folders in the source drive have all permissions (Read, Write and Execute).
  • The clone on the network drive works only as backup and will not be bootable.
* Download Free Demo version to check Cloning, Imaging, Restore, Backup features. Register the software to use its full features.