Clone Your Drive

An efficient hard disk to hard disk clone software for Mac users. An easy to use Mac disk cloning software to create clone or image of a specific Mac volume or the entire Mac drive

  • Cloning – Clone Mac drive/volume – Helps in keeping a complete backup
  • Imaging – Creates image of a drive/volume – Can be stored at any location, easy to restore
  • Restore – Restores Mac volumes from any previously created Volumes or Image Files
  • Backup – Backs up all the selected files and folders to the selected destination periodically


This Mac Drive Clone utility allows creating a sector-by-sector copy of your hard drive or volume on another drive, volume, or network drive. The software facilitates both block-level as well as file-level cloning methods. With this competent tool, you can easily clone HFS, HFS+, FAT, and exFAT based volumes or drives. The software can also replicate the exact contents of a solid-state drive or a drive formatted with MBR partition scheme to any Mac drive. In case you are using Lion OS, you can clone your NTFS formatted drive to an exFAT formatted drive using this tool.


Mac disk imaging utility helps in creating image of any Mac OS X based volume or hard drive. With this image file, you can keep a copy of your important data of the drive and restore your volumes, in case of any system crash, missing volume or anything similar. The image file can be saved at any location, including attached network drive. Moreover, the image file takes less storage space to store in comparison to the original size of the drive/volume, because the software excludes the unused space and the data in the bad sectors.


Drive Clone can easily restore your Mac volume from the previously created volume image file or the folder containing the backup/clone of the particular volume. The software restores Mac disk image to the volume, without missing on any data and overwriting the existing files in the volume with the ones in the clone image. Stellar Drive Clone restoration process is remarkably faster than that of the manual process.

Boot DVD

Drive Clone provides two extremely beneficial options for the Mac users – ‘Create Bootable DVD’ and ‘Create Minimal System Drive’. The Bootable DVD and the Minimal System drive helps in starting-up your Mac system, in case it fails to boot. In the Bootable DVD, you can include different applications (Depending on the space in the DVD) and can run them from the DVD as well. Similarly, you can create a Minimal System, which includes the most required system files, Apple’s default applications, applications selected by you and an empty user folder with default preferences & folders.


The ‘Backup’ module of Stellar Drive Clone is more than just cloning. It takes back up of all the files and folders that you have selected at a destination specified. What all you need to do is to choose the volume from the list, the files/folders in particular, periodicity of backup task (daily, weekly, or monthly). The software automatically takes the backup of the data as specified.

* Download Free Demo version to check Cloning, Imaging, Restore, Backup features. Register the software to use its full features.