Create Bootable Disk

A bootable disk can be used to run an operating system and start up your computer. A Mac boot DVD will consist of a bootable copy of Mac OS X, including Mac boot files and optionally some software applications. The compatibility of this DVD will vary depending on the machine on which it is created. A bootable DVD created on PowerPC Mac can only be used to boot a PowerPC machine.

Need to Create Mac Bootable DVD

There are a good number of reasons that necessitate creation of a boot disk containing a bootable copy of your Mac:

  • Not every Mac machine ships with the feature of recovery mode. If you face problems while booting your Mac, then your bootable DVD comes in handy at this point.
  • In the event that the Mac hard drive has suffered from a severe damage or corruption and your Mac becomes unbootable, you can use this bootable DVD to boot your Mac and regain all your lost data.

Using Disk Utility to Create Mac Boot DVD

Apple’s Disk Utility allows you to create a bootable DVD provided you have your OS X Install DVD. You can only create a bootable duplicate of a disc using Disk Utility. To do so, you need to create a disk image (.dmg file) representing the exact duplicate of the contents of your OS X Install DVD. After making a disk image, you need to burn this image to a blank disc to prepare a Mac boot DVD.

Using Stellar Drive Clone to Make Bootable Mac DVD

Stellar Drive Clone is a multifarious tool that provides a comprehensive range of features to secure your Mac against any type of disaster. Besides embedding disk cloning and imaging capabilities, the software allows for creating a Bootable DVD for your Mac system. You can use this disc to boot your Mac and reclaim all your lost data in the event of OS crash or hard drive failure.

How to Create Bootable Mac Disk Using Stellar Drive Clone

You need to follow the given procedure to prepare a bootable Mac DVD with the help of Stellar Drive Clone:

  • Start Stellar Drive Clone. On the main interface, select the ‘Tools’ tab.

main interface

‘Tools’ tab

  • On the ‘Tools’ screen, select the ‘Bootable DVD’ option.

select the Bootable DVD

  • The ‘Create Bootable DVD’ dialog is displayed. Read the instructions in this dialog carefully and click ‘Create Image’ button.


  • Specify a destination to save the image file. The software creates an image file with name ‘StellarBootDVD.dmg or StellarBootDVD.Sparseimage (in Leopard).


  • Once the imaging process is finished, you receive a message ‘Do you want to burn image into DVD?’ Click ‘Yes’ for starting the burning process. Click ‘No’ if you want to burn the image at a later stage.
  • Insert a blank DVD into your CD/DVD ROM to start the image burning process.
  • After completion of the process, the DVD will be ejected.
When you create Bootable DVD with Stellar Drive Clone, the Stellar Drive Clone
application is automatically included with the Bootable DVD.

* Download Free Demo version to check Cloning, Imaging, Restore, Backup features. Register the software to use its full features.