Drive Cloning

About Drive Cloning

‘There are more than the obvious reasons that pose the need of migrating data and applications from one Mac to another. Most of the time, you will find yourself in any of such situations that compel you to transfer necessary information to a different Mac machine:

  • You want to upgrade to a new, spacious hard drive for getting room to store additional files, movies, music, and other data.
  • You got a new Mac and want to transfer Mac data from your old computer to the new one.
  • You are facing system-wide issues and need to migrate user accounts from your Mac to a different Mac machine.

Apple’s Migration Assistant to Migrate Mac Data

Apple’s Migration Assistant makes it insanely easy to transfer files, entire user accounts, applications and computer settings from one Mac to another. With Migration Assistant, you can transfer data between two Macs over a wired or wireless network, or by using a FireWire cable. The Migration Assistant combines all the capabilities of Setup Assistant with the functionality to easily extract information from older Macs. With Migration Assistant, you can carry out a much smoother upgrade to a new Mac.

However, Migration Assistant is not without its limitations. Migration Assistant cannot be used for transferring the OS and the applications that come bundled with Mac. It can only transfer the settings of these applications. Further, if you have a corrupt previous installation, transferring files and applications with Migration Assistant may cause damage to your new installation.

Using Stellar Drive Clone as a Migration Tool

Stellar Drive Clone provides an effortless way to duplicate the contents and configuration of user accounts, your current operating system and settings, and other data of your Mac on another Mac. You can use this Mac drive cloning tool to clone complete Mac OS X system and transfer all your data to another Mac. The easier-to-use interface helps you to stay in control of the entire cloning process.

Stellar Drive Clone is superior to Migration Assistant as it does the job of a backup or synchronization tool. It can easily migrate Mac applications and data, and makes sure the destination replicates the source in terms of data and file structure. With Stellar Drive Clone, you can clone your Mac hard drive or volume to an external media. Later, you can restore this clone onto your new Mac’s hard drive using the software. For cloning Mac boot drive, you need to create a bootable DVD with Stellar Drive Clone.

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