HDD Clone Mac

Drive cloning is a way to move your entire data from one hard drive to another. This is quite often practiced by Mac users in order to maintain full backups of their hard drives. The best use of cloning is realized when your hard drive is about to have a physical failure and you need to keep from facing permanent data loss. Mac hard drive cloning has a range of benefits in the real world as shown below:

Upgrading Hard Drive

Cloning helps you easily transfer everything on your drive to another drive. This particularly helps when you want to upgrade to a new spacious hard drive for meeting your data storage needs.

Full System Backup

Cloning is a perfect tool to create a working copy of your system. You need not reinstall OS and software applications in the event of hard drive failure. Just swap your Mac HDD clone drive with the failed disk and get your system running in a few seconds.

Provisioning New Computers

With a Mac HDD clone, you can easily load the same operating system and software configuration on multiple computers. This enables you to provision multiple Macs more conveniently with minimum fuss.

Nowadays, there is a new trend in the storage world. Mac users are moving from traditional HDDs to SSDs. In order to accomplish this, they clone or copy Mac HDD to SSD. SSDs have a range of benefits over hard drive technology as discussed below:


Due to the absence of moving parts, SSDs completely eliminate heat dissipation, a major factor contributing to hard drive failure.

Power Efficiency

SSDs have less power requirements as compared to HDDs because they do not have moving parts. This helps to improve battery life in notebook computers and external portable devices.

Instant-Load Performance

The absence of moving mechanical parts helps SSD to avoid seek times and rotational latencies. This results in faster boot times and an overall improved system performance.

Stellar Drive Clone is a professional and versatile solution to clone old, smaller Mac drives to bigger drives conveniently. With this tool, you have a broad feature set at your disposal allowing for cloning any HFS, HFS+, FAT, or ExFAT based Mac volumes with ease. During the cloning process, the software copies Mac applications, operating system, and your data from the specified source to the destination, making a replica of the source. This HDD clone Mac utility also supports cloning of SSDs that are emerging as the next-generation storage technology.

Steps to Clone Mac HDD Using Stellar Drive Clone

Stellar Drive Clone enables you to resize volumes on the destination drive for optimal use of disk space. You can choose to clone with resizing or without resizing according to your needs

Clone without Resizing

  • Run Stellar Drive Clone. Select the ‘Clone and Imaging’ tab and click ‘Clone’.
hdd clone Drive Clone

  • Run Stellar Drive Clone. Select the ‘Clone and Imaging’ tab and click ‘Clone’.
  • Choose a source drive in the ‘Select Source’ list and a destination drive in the ‘Select Destination’ list.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to initiate cloning.

Clone with Resizing

  • Run Stellar Drive Clone. Under ‘Clone and Imaging’ tab, click ‘Clone’.
  • Select ‘Disk Clone’, and then choose ‘Clone with resizing’ option. On the same screen, choose a source drive in the ‘Select Source’ list and a destination drive in the ‘Select Destination’ list.
  • Click ‘Continue’. A window appears on the screen. Change the size of a volume on the destination drive by typing in the desired size or dragging the slider. Click ‘Accept Size’ each time you make some changes.

Clone with Resizing

  • Click ‘Continue’ to start cloning.

‘Clone with resizing’ option is used for utilizing all the free space on the destination drive. This cloning method is always recommended.

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