Image Mac Disk

A Mac drive image consists of the entire data from the source drive including the file structure. Due to the fact that they are exact snapshots of the original drive, they can be used during disaster recovery to restore your valuable data. Drive imaging comes in handy when you need to create backup copy of Mac drive. This feature is described as follows:

Data Backups

You can back up Mac drive by creating drive images as and when the need be. Further, by taking incremental backups of Mac drive, you can have the flexibility to revert to a preferred configuration of the system.

Disk Utility as an Imaging Tool

A handy tool named ‘Disk Utility’ is a built-in application of Mac that enables you to carry out a number of useful tasks on Mac hard drives and removable storage. Among various actions you can perform with this tool is creating disk images. Disk Utility can image Mac disk to store your files and important data that you need to secure against disasters and human errors.

With Disk Utility, you can create Mac disk image of any desired size and format. You can also encrypt these image files to protect your data from being stolen. You may choose from 128-bit or 256-bit security for file encryption. You need to provide the password with which you encrypted the file each time you attempt to access your disk image.

Imaging with Stellar Drive Clone

Stellar Drive clone is an advanced drive imaging software for Mac that images your Mac hard drive sector by sector to capture entire data from the drive, including Mac OS, partition information, application software, and data files. The image file created with this Mac disk imaging application usually requires less storage space, as the process excludes all the unused space on drive and bad sectors.

This Mac drive imaging software supports ExFAT file system, allowing you to transfer all your valuable data stored on ExFAT-based media to any safe location of your choice, such as external hard drive, USB drive, or other removable media. You can also create a backup copy of your hard drive formatted with MBR partition map scheme.

With Stellar Drive Clone, you are always protected having a backup copy of your Mac. If a problem surfaces (hardware failure or hard drive crash), you can restore your disk image with the software and get back to work once instantly.

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