Volume cloning

Volume Cloning – The Identical Copy of Volumes for Backup & Restoring Data

Every day, as a Mac user you create and delete several files from the system hard drive. Sometimes, the process of file deletion or volume formatting is intentional, whereas some other time it is an accidental incident, which directly results in the loss of valuable data. Similarly, there are many unexpected instances of data loss, including hard drive failure, system crash, operating system malfunction, file system corruption etc.

In order to keep your work going, even in case of severe data loss you need to keep a clone copy of your hard drive volume at a secure location. However, for a situation, when you do not have a spare external drive with you, you can still create a clone copy of your source drive with Stellar Drive Clone. The option – ‘Volume Clone‘ of the software allow you to clone your Mac volume to another Volume, Folder or directly to the Network Drive. Moreover, this useful option helps you to take regular backups of only the selected Mac volumes and not the unnecessary ones.

Stellar Drive Clone is an easy-to-use application and it clones your selected Mac volumes in few easy steps. Below steps will give you a clear idea on the volume cloning process:

Steps to clone Mac volume using Stellar Drive Clone:

  • Run Stellar Drive Clone utility. From the tab, ‘Clone & Imaging’, click the ‘Clone’ icon.
  • The ‘Cloning’ screen will get displayed. Check the option, ‘Volume Clone’. There are three different options –
    Clone to Volume
    Clone to Network
    Clone to Folder

Cloning steps

Note: You need to choose the option, ‘Clone to Volume’, if you want to clone your Mac volume to another volume. Similarly, to save the clone copy of the volume in another folder or in any network drive, choose the respective option.

  • Select any of the three options, according to your need. The ‘Select Source’ section lists all the drives and volumes, connected with your Mac system. Select the source drive or volume from the list.
    • In case of ‘Clone to Volume’ and ‘Clone to Network’ options, it will automatically list the destination drives and volumes under ‘Select Destination’ list. However, in case of ‘Clone to Folder; option, you need to click the ‘Choose Destination’ button, browse to the destination drive/volume/folder and click ‘Choose’.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom right corner of the interface to begin the scanning process. After completion of the process, all the data from the source volume gets cloned to the destination drive/volume/folder.
  • Note

  • In case of Volume Clone, the size of the data in the source volume is considered rather than the size of the volume.
  • Ensure that all the files, folders in the source volume have Read, Write and Execute permissions, otherwise they can not be accessed in the network drive.

Stellar Drive Clone is a highly reliable application and with detailed instructions for every step of operation, the utility can be easily used, without the need of any further assistance.

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